SGS2 kernel CWM XUV OC

This kernel is based on coolbho3000’s over clocked Galaxy S II kernel and codeworkx’s initramfs with ClockworkMod Recovery For smooth useability and long battery life, not for benchmark scores.

Some other patches are applied;

  • whole system wide undervolted
  • whole system wide underclocked scaling steps adds
  • BFQ I/O scheduler
  • modified Interactive Governor
  • task scheduler patched
  • optimized with patched gcc-4.5.3

at your own risk, and enjoy!

EDIT: June 17, 2011

I made more mild undervolted kernel. And changed to mount /system as RW(codeworkx’s default) to RO(stock default).





SGS2 kernel CWM XUV OC」への14件のフィードバック

  1. aussiebum

    awesome! thanks again

  2. Thank you man! You are great!!

  3. Unfortunatly it doesn’t work this time like the previous kernel. Most of the time the phone hangs up.

  4. Thanks but i tried and it still hangs from time to time. I guess i am not so lucky.

  5. はじめまして、SGS2購入後こちらを参考にさせていただいてます。

  6. agay221さん、はじめまして。動作状況おしえていただきありがとうございます。web閲覧中ということはGPUの負荷が上がった時に落ちていそうです。該当部の電圧マージンを増やす方向で検討してみますね。

  7. aussiebum

    hi chai99, just a small update – looks like the latest kernel undervolts sdcard/internal memory storage (I think) a bit too much? Unfortunately my sgs2 hangs on “media scanner running” during reboot. Have to go back to your previous kernel release for now.

  8. hi aussiebum, thank you for the information. I’ll take more margin voltage in the next kernel settings.

    • aussiebum

      Thanks. It’s probably also an issue (for me anyway) that the phone gets too warm during reboot after flashing the a new kernel and wiping dalvik cache, or if I reboot several times in a row.

  9. drw-rw-rw- 2 media system 4096 Dec 31 16:00 system

    /data/system has owner and permission problem after doing factory default.
    It should be like /dbdata/system setting in *.rc, or it will be stuck in the boot loop.

    • Thanks. I try to find different between stock .rc files and codeworkx’s, and found only a different mount as ro or rw about /system. Maybe, it was caused by I/O access failres of chmod and chown. I made new more mild undervolted kernel, and the new one may work.

  10. June 17, 2011 kernel still has the same factory reset problem.
    XDA CF-Root CWM had this problem before, but Chainfire fixed it in the recently release.
    Maybe you can reference his zImage to find out the problem.
    Besides, CWM recovery has slow key response. Does it mean that it will spend more time when backup and restore than other CWM build like CF-Root?


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