SGS2 kernel UV OC CWM

EDITED: Previous kernels have a problem, changing CWMManager.apk / Superuser.apk / su to 0 byte size.  New kernels work correctly Rooting. When not working, please check /system/cfroot/.


deleted :


Please give me Exynos4210 users manual X-(


SGS2 kernel UV OC CWM」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Great job, it gets rid of boot loop problem after factory reset.

  2. Found another problem, /system/app/Superuser.apk and /system/xbin/ su both are “0 Byte”.

  3. No Superuser.apk and su in directory /res/misc, but /sbin/boot/ has the following lines… That’s why these two files are 0 byte.

    toolbox cat /res/misc/su > /system/xbin/su
    toolbox cat /res/misc/Superuser.apk > /system/app/Superuser.apk

    • oops! It’s a trap at extracting initramfs. /res/misc permission is 644. I’ll retry extracting as root, tomorrow.

  4. aussiebum

    hi chai99, update again. I flashed i9100kf1-uv-oc-cwm4-20110618a.tar successfully and everything seemed to be working fine for a few hours, but just 2minutes ago the phone did a random reboot again… totally stumped as to why it happened.

    Not quite sure if it’s due to the undervolting anymore or not. Will have to do some testing I guess. Otherwise, everything seems to be working fine 🙂

    • aussiebum

      one question – are you using (mostly) the same cpu voltage settings as i9100ke7-xuv-oc-20110529? I never had any random reboots with that kernel release.

  5. Yes, same voltage. I’m grad that you don’t have any rondom reboots with the new kernel. But I became to seem that an excess under-voltage is not effective. Under clock is more effective to SGS2 consumption. I will try to up to date CWM, and make more margin voltage at low clock;-)


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