SGS2 kernel UV OC CF-CWM

i9100ke7 uv oc cwm4
i9100kf1 uv oc cwm4
UPDATE: 06/22 slightly increased the lowest voltage of CPU Adjusted-Voltage-Scaling.

  • More stability, this is stable version.
  • Correct some problem of working on CF-CWM and CWMManager.
  • Now, you can go around CF-Root and this kernel trough CWMManager.
  • Huge kernel, fully Optimized with GCC-4.5.3 and large CF-Root initramfs.
  • Compact zImage with LZMA compression.


SGS2 kernel UV OC CF-CWM」への8件のフィードバック

  1. aussiebum

    hi chai99, can’t download the kernel because link is invalid? thanks


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