SGS2 kernel UV OC CF-CWM

  • Add new initramfs, but the difference are only recovery-sumsung and a version description.
  • Then, slightly increased the lowest voltage again, because of just a little bit increase of the consumption totally.
  • More large optimization buffers in compile with GCC
  • FYI, with Interactive governor, the max clock is limited 800MHz when the screen is off. And SetCPU’s profile feature is not stable with SGS2.


SGS2 kernel UV OC CF-CWM」への6件のフィードバック

  1. kf2 version cannot be flashed

  2. Do you used the codeworx implementation? Flashing this with CWM apps made me lost it (CWM app). Rebooting I had no more root. Tried with SuperOneClick but with no success so I had to flash back to cf root with Odin but the weirdest thing is I had to flash it twice because after first flash (success for Odin) nothing had changed

  3. aussiebum

    kf4 one is also not working

  4. Will you be updating/working on a new KG1 version of your kernel since CF’s version is out now?

  5. Hello it seems that you lowered the gpu clock from 267 to 160 because i get 30 fps in nenamark2 and i was getting 45 with this version:
    (i9100ke7-xuv-oc-20110529) wich i think is by far the best! Could you please make a modified version of this kernel with 400 mhz gpu clock? It would be the best kernel by far.


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